New Mobile App!!!

I have some very exciting news in that I will be launching a Bassmaster Ty iOS app this coming summer. This app will have four main features. First, it will have a lure genius that tells you the best lure to use based on your current weather and water conditions. Secondly, it will have a live map that will allow you to place different color pins, so that you can keep track of current hot spots, drop offs, ledges, and potential fishing spots that you want to try in the future. There will also be a social aspect to this as you will be able to share your spots with friends. The third feature of my app will be a fishing log. Similar to the fishing reports I post, this feature will allow you to quickly log all of your catches , so that you can go back and see what works best on certain days. The final feature of this app will be a stats page that will keep a running tally of the amount of bass you’ve caught on each lure, on each color, and in total. This will be a really fun feature as it will allow you to show off to your friends and enable you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your fishing style. However, creating a mobile app is no small task and in order to get this app completed by summer, I will have to devote all of my time and energy to this project. As a result, I will be postponing all further Tips of the Week until the app is finished.


September 2016