Lake Sammamish 9/27/2014

September 28, 2014 bassmasterty 0

September 27, 2014 Fishing Time: 5:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. Rating: 6 Weather Conditions: Sunny with clear skies Bait: Drop Shot with Strike King Green Pumpkin KVD Dream […]

Tip of the Week 10

September 21, 2014 bassmasterty 0

When bass fishing, I would highly recommend wearing gloves because they provide a lot of benefits that can help you out on the water. First, […]

Tip of the Week 9

September 14, 2014 bassmasterty 0

When using spinning gear in bass fishing, you often find yourself battling line twist and fixing it is something that can cost you valuable time […]

Tip of the Week 8

September 7, 2014 bassmasterty 0

Water clarity is extremely important when considering lure selection. In clear water, you want to use more natural colors that are quiet because loud rattles […]