Tackle Order 1

KVD Dream Shot Green Pumpkin

KVD Dream Shot Grn Pump Sapphire

Roboworm Alive Shad 3″ Aarons Magic

Roboworm Alive Shad Aarons Magic 4″

Roboworm FX Sculpin 4″ Aarons Magic

Robo Straight Tail 4.5″ Baby Bass

Strike King Rage Tail Grub Green Pumpkin 4″

KVD Magnum Dream Shot Green Pumpkin

QuickDrops Dropshot Weight 1/4 10pk

Double Wide Drop Shot Hook 1/0 6pk

JJ’s Magic Dippin’ Dye Clear

Lunker City Ribster Worm Green Pumpkin Watermelon

This is a new category where I post my tackle orders and go over why I selected each one, in order for you to see if these things would suit you. First off, we have the KVD Dream Shot Green Pumpkin worms. I ordered these because the dream shots are great worms for drop shotting, with their tapering design and the smallmouth just seem to grow crazy for them. Along with this, it is in Green Pumpkin, which is the color that has been slaying them on Lake Sammamish, the past couple of weeks. Next, we have the KVD Dream Shot Green Pumpkin with Sapphire. I got Green Pumpkin with Sapphire because I believe that the Green Pumpkin bite will begin to slow down in a little bit and the added Sapphire flash, along with a favorite color, will be the next bait that they will move onto to. The third and fourth items are the same, but just in different lengths and that is the Roboworm Alive Shad. The Dream Shot and Roboworms have been my two go to drop shot baits and I haven’t found these sold in any stores, which means that it gives the fish a new look, instead of the standard worm. It has also caught me a fair amount of fish on Lake Sammamish. Next, I got the Roboworm FX Sculpin because they have the same profile as the Dream Shot worms and it seemed like the best of worlds combining Roboworm’s salt and the Dream Shot’s unique shape. I got all, but one of my Roboworms in Aaron’s magic color because it is a killer color, looks great in the water, and the fish seem to love it as well. Next up we have the Roboworm Straight Tail in Baby Bass color. The Straight Tail is just the standard Roboworm and I picked the Baby Bass color because I have caught fish on it when it when using a weightless senko and lipless crankbait, so I thought that it would be another go to when the Green Pumpkin bite was off. Then we have the Rage Tail Grub in my favorite Green Pumpkin color. I have caught a few on these curly tails and the Rage Tails have great action. Next, we come back to the Dream Shot except it is a Magnum, which means that it is 1 inch bigger and a lot thicker. I got these because the bigger worms will indeed catch bigger fish, may attract some largemouth, and also scare away the small perch that are constantly pestering your line. We then get on to the 1/4 Quick Drops weights. These are my favorite drop shot weights because they are extremely cheap and their teardrop shape lets you feel lots of the bottom structure. I’ve tried many different weight sizes, but out of all of them I like 1/4 ounce the best because it does a great job of staying on the bottom, giving you feel of the bottom, and gets the worm down t a nice rate. Then we come to the KVD drop shot hooks. 1/0 is a great size for smallmouth because even though smallmouth are called smallmouth, their mouths are still pretty big and the 1/0 does a great job of hooking into them, while not scaring them. These also come in red, which is what I prefer because I, personally, believe that the red hook increases your odds of catching them because it adds an extra flash of red in the water. Next, we have JJ’s Magic Dippin’ Dye. Now I haven’t personally ever used this, but after a lot of research I decided that it would be good because it will give me an advantage out on the water if I improve the scent. JJ’s Dye is said to hold its scent for long amounts of time and people say it does, indeed, attract more bass, so I decided that I would give it a try. Finally, we have the Lunker City Ribster Worm in my favorite color, Green Pumpkin. I chose this because I really liked the shape of the worm and it will give the fish a different look and vibration feel, with its ribs.



July 2014


    • Hi Bobby,
      Winter can be a great time for jerkbaits! I’m sure that you know that cold water causes fish’s metabolism to slow down and causes them to become less active. Since shad and other baitfish are smaller and more sensitive to temperature change, cold water can cause them to become completely inactive and die off. This is why it is not uncommon in the winter to see schools of dead baitfish lying in the water. If you’ve ever seen a baitfish die, then you know that it often flutters about with sudden bursts (very similar to the action of a jerkbait). It is for this reason why a jerkbait is so effective in the winter. Now the cadence and colors that you should be using really depend on the lakes that you are fishing. I would recommend that you try and find one of these schools of baitfish and observe their behavior. This will not only tell you the color that you need to be fishing, but will also tell you how long of a pause you will need between each twitch. If you want a general rule, then go twitch-pause-twitch-twitch-pause. This is a cadence that I have found a lot of success with, but make sure that these pauses are as long as possible. As for colors, something that imitates you local baitfish will work best. You can find this by asking around or observing for yourself. In general silver shad, chartreuse shad, and pearl shad work well. I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to post them!

    • Oh that’s great! On both Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington, I would definitely use the cadence that I suggested of twitch-pause-twitch-twitch-pause. This seems to work extremely well. Along with this, I would use chartreuse shad, sexy shad, or an all white jerkbait because the bass in Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington seem to go crazy over them. Another thing that you could try is a crawfish colored jerkbait (black and orange). I have caught a lot of fish on that color and am sure that you will share in my success. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! Good luck!

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