Lake Sammamish 5/29/2015

May 29, 2015

Fishing Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Rating: 5

Weather Conditions: Sunny with clear skies

Bait: Drop Shot with Strike King Green Pumpkin with Blue Specs Dream Shot Worm and Quick Drop 1/4 ounce weight

Rod: Megabass Orochi XX Drop Shot Rod

Reel: Shimano Sustain

Line: 7-pound Sunline Super Sniper FC

Total Bass Caught: 2

Final Weigh in Weight: 2.2 pounds


After an absolutely scorching week of weather, I figured that the bass would be more active and decided to get back out onto the lake and give it a try. Since the right side of the lake was productive the last time, I headed over to the first point on the right side. I cast around for over half an hour, but couldn’t seem to muster a bite. However, I had faith that there were bass on the right side, so I continued down the stretch of docks. I finally came to a really long dock and positioned myself so that I could cast down and cover the whole dock. On my first cast, I had a little interest, but wasn’t able to hook into the bass. I was a little disappointed, but I didn’t have much time to sulk about it because on my very next cast, my lure was hammered. I set the hook and was able to land a nice smallmouth. After putting it on the scale it came out to be 1.2 pounds. I then went another 20 minutes or so without a bite, so I decided to skip ahead to my favorite double decker. On my very first cast, I felt a bite, but just missed the hook set. I cast back and saw my line take off, but I missed it again. After that it went cold, so I moved down a few docks and gave it a try. After trying two more docks, I was finally able to get some action and landed a 1 pound smallmouth. I finished the day fishing around the area around the v-shaped dock, but I came up empty and called it a day.



Observations: The water temperature ranged from 71-73 degrees, which is abnormally warm for this time of the year. However, this is welcomed with open arms as the bass fishing usually heats up around this temperature. The bass also seemed to be a lot shallower today as I caught all my bass in less than 20 feet of water. The green pumpkin color seems to be working really well right now and I am excited to see how the bass react as the water temperature continues to increase.


May 2015

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