Tip of the Week 9

When using spinning gear in bass fishing, you often find yourself battling line twist and fixing it is something that can cost you valuable time when you are out on the water. However, I have found that there are a few things that can help to reduce and possibly eliminate this problem. First, when spooling your spinning reel, you need to make it so that the fishing line comes off in the same direction that it is going onto the reel. This means that before spooling your spinning reel you should reel it and see if it turns clockwise or counter-clockwise. You then have to make it so that the line comes off the same way that it goes on, which means clock wise or counter-clockwise based on which way your reel turns. Another thing that helps is putting tension on your line before you reel your line in. This will help to ensure that the line goes on properly each time and will help make sure you don’t get big, unmanageable line twists. Third, you can use KVD line and lure conditioner, which helps to reduce friction and line twist, along with extending line life. Next, a larger reel will help to manage line better because there is a bigger gap per rotation. Finally, certain companies have line management systems that are specifically meant to help with line twist. ONe example of this is Shimano’s x-ship line propulsion system.


September 2014

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