Lake Sammamish 8/12/2014

August 12, 2014

Fishing Time: 5:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

Rating: 2

Weather Conditions: Cloudy, stormy, and windy

Bait: Drop Shot with Strike King KVD Green Pumpkin Dream Shot and Quick Drop 1/4 ounce weight

Rod: G-Loomis GX2 Jig and Worm

Reel: Quantum Catalyst PT

 Line: 8-pound Sunline Super Sniper FC

Total Bass Caught: 1

Final Weigh in Weight: 1.43 pounds

I got out earlier on the water than I normally get out and with the extra time, I motored all the way to the north end of the lake. It was pretty calm when I got to the north end, but I noticed that it was really shallow, so I decided to fish the pilings on the east side of the lake. I didn’t have any bites there so I headed over to the west side to try those new docks. Once again, I didn’t get any bites. Right at this time, a thunder storm started and it got really windy. In order to deal with this, I headed over to a quiet cove to give it a try. Unfortunately, it was extremely weedy in that area and I couldn’t get any bites. After going over 2 hours without a bite, I decided to brave the elements and head over to the east side of the lake. Yet again, I went without any bites, so I I headed over to my favorite dock with the rock next to it. I made more than 20 casts there, but couldn’t get any bites. At this point I was really discouraged and ready to head in, so I started heading in, but decided last minute to hit up the v-shaped dock. On my 3rd cast, I hooked into a nice smallmouth and when I put it on the scale, it weighed in at 1.43 lbs. After that I headed in, relieved that I was able to avoid getting skunked.

Observations: The water was about 75-76 degrees, so the water temperature is definitely beginning to drop as the season progresses. I was able to catch my bass in 16 feet of water, which is about the depth that I would expect for the temperature, but I have to say that prime bass time is starting to wind down. This has been my second straight fishing outing where I’ve had troubles landing a bass and it just seems like they aren’t as willing to bite. I have fished almost every dock on Sammamish, so I believe that the bass have moved deeper and are hanging out on drop offs, but I am yet to find them.


August 2014

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